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Solar Services

The sun provides free energy – why pay for it?

Talk to us about how investing in solar can harness this energy and pay for itself within a short amount of time. Not only that, it will provide a substantial return on that investment over its lifetime. You may be surprised!

Arafura Electrical is Clean Energy Council accredited to design and install solar systems, and we have all relevant licenses and insurance.

We only use premium products, which provide the best performance and reliability.

We also have an environmental science qualification and long-term knowledge in the renewable energy space, which means we can provide expert and up-to-date advice in a time of rapid advancements in technology.

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Our solar services:

  • Gird Connect solar systems
  • Battery Storage
  • Stand-alone solar systems
  • Solar water pumps
  • Solar pool pumps

You can rely on us for sound advice and professional workmanship every time.

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